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For the Bean. For the People.

February 19, 2018

For the Bean. For the People.

We do it all for the Bean and for the People. From Farm to Cup, there are so many involved in producing such spectacular specialty grade coffee, and they all need paying properly along the way to support their families.

When we look at the prices of specialty coffee we can be tempted to think it’s expensive and compare it with the prices of supermarket coffee. But the level of transparency that is available when buying specialty coffee, and especially through @melbcoffeemerch, means that you know who is producing it and that the workers are getting properly looked after along the way.

Relational TradeBuf Coffee

This is better than fair trade coffee, this is direct relationship trade, or as I like to call it relational trade coffee. It requires more than just having the finance to get fair trade accreditation with no real relationship involved, relational trade means visiting farms, getting to know the producers, giving them tips on how they can improve production that brings better flavour, and better prices for them, which means better wages for their workers. 

That is why we are committed to buying fully traceable relational trade specialty coffee, and the flavour and complexity that comes from these coffees makes it an absolute joy to roast and drink.

For the Bean. For the People.


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