The SCR Refugee Employment Commitment

SCR is a small business with a big dream. Our vision is to give new arrivals to Australia work experience and employment as we grow.

In the Salisbury region of South Australia where SCR was founded, there are many refugees who have been settled here as recent arrivals to Australia. For them, settling in and making a new home is a long and often difficult process. One of their challenges is entering into the Australian workforce. In order to get a job, employers want to see some work experience, but you can't get that experience without a job.

Here is where the SCR advantage lies. We have real ongoing relationships with new arrivals through community connections and programs that enable us to get to know these folk, see their character and their readiness for work, and be able to employ some without any previous Australian work experience. This helps them overcome one of the biggest hurdles of settling into Australia.

Of course our hope is that they grow to love SCR and coffee roasting, develop their skills within the business and find their particular way to contribute towards the success of Soul City Roasters. We want SCR to be a company they are integral in growing, and can take pride in. 


Every bag of coffee you buy helps us be able to employ refugees. As you can see from our "journey line" we are initially aiming to offer 3 hours a week employment, and then 6 hours, and then part-time, and then eventually, to create full-time employment positions. Keep updated on our journey by checking back here regularly to see what progress we've made:

This is the SCR Refugee Employment Commitment.

As above, we’ve already been working in our local community to make recently settled Australians feel welcome and included, by sharing meals and holding events, so that we can all get to know each other.

We’ve also been working to set up the infrastructure so that we can support our community members through paid employment in the coffee roasting business. Planting the seeds for a successful career in business and hospitality. You cannot pour from an empty cup. So please get on board with our vision and spread the word about Soul City Roasters.