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KAHAWA blend

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Ethically Sourced Full Bodied Espresso Blend

In The Cup: Chocolate, Almond and Plenty of Punch

KAHAWA is the Perfect blend for Espresso, Aeropress and Plunger. A full bodied blend that captures the best of its blended single origin beans. It features expressive notes of chocolate and almond bursting through, with plenty of punch to give you a good strong coffee experience with crema to boot. 

This is the first Soul City Roasters blend and it has been a long time coming. We have been committed to perfecting our single origins and understanding their individual nuances before daring to draw the best out of each of them and blend them to perfection. 

The name "KAHAWA" is inspired by an interesting story. When I, Ben, was just a little tacker, I moved to live in Nairobi, Kenya, with my parents. We lived there for 2.5 years in an apartment block. We had a lovely Kenyan man as our security guard named Reuben. He and I used to roll old tyres together in the grounds of our apartment block, we became good friends. When tyre rolling time was over, I would head up to our apartment just in time for the daily coffee break, at which point I would call out below to him, "Reuben, Kahawa" - the Swahili word for coffee. He would come on up and join us for an enjoyable coffee break. And so, given that "Kahawa" was one of my first words, it seemed fitting to call this special blend "Kahawa" in memory of my Kenyan friend Reuben. 

We hope you love our first ever blend - "KAHAWA".  

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