The Soul City Roaster's Vision

To have an awesome workspace, that roasts awesome coffee, made by awesome people, that ships to awesome customers all over the world, all to the honour of an awesome God. 


What makes it awesome? An awesome God. SCR is a business on mission to employ new Australians into a business that shares Jesus, displays Jesus, and grows Jesus loving families. 

Our awesome workspace will be a place that is relational, that is fun, that is comfortable, clean, efficient, that is located in Salisbury SA, that is setup to produce some of Australia's best coffee, merchandise and coffee related products. And most of all, that is God honouring. 

Our awesome coffee will always be sourced from traceable, transparent, self sustaining and ethical sources, seeking out where possible to support Christian producers around the world. It will be roasted consistently, with pride and passion, to the highest standards. Our coffee will be awesome because we are using a God given creational gift that we will always cherish and enjoy drinking. 

Our awesome people will consist of the best team of employees you have ever worked with. They will be caring, respectful, friendly, and led by Christian leaders seeking to share Jesus through how they relate and do business, both their actions and words, as they care for and nurture new Australians seeking to make a new home. Our awesome leadership team will be loving of people from all nations, understanding the difficult plight of those who have joined us, treating them with respect and dignity, as precious people made in the image of God. All our people will be lead by management in Bible devotions and have their families prayed for regularly. And key people will be discipled to know God's word and share Jesus with those around them, in order to be an example of Christ to all at SCR and our contacts. 

Our awesome customers will be from all over the world as we establish relationships through God given contacts and provide them with exceptional products that continue to make SCR a highly profitable business that uses it's profits to honour God. 

Help make this vision a reality by praying that we always remain true to our original vision, and investing in our dreams. 

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For the Bean, For the People
Ben Cosford
Owner and Head Roaster