Our Story

Hi! Im Ben. I’m married to Heather and we have three children, Reuben, Abby and Oliver.

I have a number of passions. Firstly, I love Jesus as my Saviour and Lord, I love my wife and children and I love coffee. 

I came to know Jesus as my Saviour and Lord when I was a teenager and since then I have been keen to work out how I could serve him. I met Heather at Sydney Missionary and Bible College in 2001, we married and I began paid ministry at St James Croydon NSW. In 2004 I became the English Pastor at Living Stone Evangelical Church, we were moving toward overseas mission and appreciated the opportunity to serve in a cross cultural setting. 

In 2007, with Reuben, 2 and Abby 8 weeks old, we moved to Mongolia to serve God and the church over there. Due to health concerns we ended up back in Australia 18 months later and after much prayer we moved from Sydney to Adelaide. Since then Ben has worked in a number of church ministry roles. He was ordained an Anglican minister in 2015 and is currently the Associate Minister at St Johns Salisbury. 

As a family we love living in Adelaide. It is a beautiful city and we really enjoy the people and places that God has placed in our lives here. 

My roasting life began back in 2009 when I started roasting on a popcorn popper. As my interest in roasting and coffee grew I decided to set up a business so I could share my love of roasting and drinking coffee with others and integrate this with my passion for Jesus. 

The way I'm hoping to do this is to roast ethically sourced beans and support refugees with employment opportunities.

My desire from the beginning was to ensure that I engaged with suppliers of green beans that sourced with ethical and sustainable practices. The suppliers that I buy from have close relationships with the coffee growers and interact regularly with them to support their farms and improve their production of high quality specialty coffee beans. 

I also have a heart to support refugees to enable them to get a head start in their employment life. Many refugees have fled their own land out of fear and have experienced much trauma as they made their way to safety. My hope is that through supported employment they can feel a sense of  acceptance and belonging as they work in the business. 

Thanks for reading our story. We hope to partner with you in fulfilling our vision - which you can read more of here: http://bit.ly/SCRVision
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          Thanks for your interest, orders and support.

          For the Bean, For the People,

          Ben Cosford

          Owner and Head Roaster

          Soul City Roasters