The Home Brewer's Pack



An Aeropress - brilliant little coffee brewing device. Check out all the videos on youtube. It's a thing. 

A Rhinowares Hand Grinder with Aeropress adapter - ensuring you always get freshly ground beans, wherever you are. 

An ABLE Standard disk - this goes in the Aeropress, to replace the paper filters. 

This is the ultimate pack of coffee gear for the Home Brewer, or the camping brewer, or the office brewer. Really, its perfect for brewing anywhere. You can grind fresh coffee with the Porlex hand grinder, and brew the coffee with the Aeropress. No power required, just a kettle or billy to boil the water. 

A terrific Christmas present for the coffee nut in your household who wants to nerd out on getting the perfect brew. Or for someone wanting to experience fresh ground coffee and superior brewing method (so much better than plunging or the like), and for a very reasonable price. 

NB: Aeropress Tote bag no longer part of pack.